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Grow your savings with Muthoot Fixed Deposits! We offer short-term and long-term deposit plans, according to your preference, Our schemes include monthly interest plans, annual interest plans, and maturity plans, offering interest rates as high as 9.05%. You can open a Fixed Deposit account through any of our 3600 Muthoot branches all across the country.

Key Benefits and Features

Guaranteed Returns For Fixed Deposits

Guaranteed returns

Guaranteed returns

Easily Withdrawable For Fixed Deposits

Easily withdrawable

Easily withdrawable

Saving Habit For Fixed Deposits

Saving habit

Encourages the habit of savings

Flexible Interest Rates For Fixed Deposits

Flexible interest rates

Flexible interest rate payouts

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Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

  • Scheme A - Non Cumulative Deposits
    Monthly Interest Plan
    (Minimum Amount - ₹ 1000)
    Period Rate of Interest (% p.a)
    1 year 6.00
    2 year 6.25
    3 year 6.50
    4 year 6.50
    5 year 7.00
  • Scheme B - Non Cumulative Deposits
    Annual Interest Plan
    (Minimum Amount - ₹ 1000)
    Period Rate of Interest (% p.a)
    1 year 6.25
    2 year 6.50
    3 year 6.75
    4 year 6.75
    5 year 7.25
  • Scheme C - Cumulative Deposits
    Maturity Plan (Annual Cumulative)
    (Minimum Amount - ₹ 1000)
    Period Rate of Interest (% p.a) Annualized Yield (%)
    1 year 6.25 6.25
    2 year 6.50 6.71
    3 year 6.75 7.22
    4 year 6.75 7.46
    5 year 7.25 8.38

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