Radhakrishnan is a tea/coffee distributor. Initially, he used to distribute tea in the market by walking everywhere.

Walking from one place to another place took a lot of time and then he upgrader to a cycle. His catchment area was very small even after he upgraded to a cycle. He had a chance to meet Muthoot Fincorp Branch Manager and he come to know that Muthoot Fincorp is providing two-wheeler loans. He upgraded his cycle to a scooter.

Now he can serve tea to a wide area in the market. This helped him to improve his life


My Name is Ilankovan. I acquired this two-wheeler loans with Muthoot Fincorp which was a trouble-free process. Muthoot assisted me to own this scooter I am contentedly driving this scooter also I pay my dues regularly without any problem.

Muthoot offers various loans such as Gold loan, vehicle loan and Business loans, Being a Small shop owner I am eligible for business loan which I have availed and am very much benefited out of it. Even the loan repayment process followed by Muthoot is very smooth and easy process, Muthoot executive would come to your doorstep to collect your due.

I have one daughter and a son, she is a Teacher in nearby school and my Son runs a studio nearby.
As of Muthoot it’s No problem, everything is okay.

I love Muthoot.

Rajkumar Sarkar

My name is Rajkumar Sarkar and stay in Laketown, Kolkata. My family includes me, my wife and our son, I have also a small car rental business. My son studies in the school, & I have to drop him and pick him up from the school. I was spending huge money on maintaining on old bike, and often I had to depend on public transport. For a distance that can be covered in 5 mins, I had to spend 30 mins, resulting in my son getting late for school, and my business getting hampered. I had taken gold loan from Muthoot Fincorp earlier, and my relationship with them was very good. When I discussed my problem with them, they suggested a two wheeler loan scheme. It was perfect for me, and so, I accepted it then and there I requested them to process my bike loan as soon as possible. It was a true delight have the loan sanctioned and receive the bike within two days. For getting the two wheeler loan quickly, and helping me with the solution for my problem, I would like to thank Muthoot Fincorp and the Laketown branch team.

Chaaya Sanjay Bilhare

My name is Chaaya Sanjay Bilhare, I live in Kasa Ambori Taluka, of Pune District. I own a shop named “Devman” which we started on Gudipadwa (Maharashtrian New Year). I wanted to buy a two-wheeler for my business like this but was unable to buy. It was then when my friend Sujata told me about Muthoot Blue and their quick & easy 2Wheeler Loan.

Muthoot Blue 2wheeler loans have less rate of interest as compared to other banks and I bought my new scooter with entire formalities just taking 2-3 working days. I am thankful to Blue Muthoot for helping me in the time of need.