What Does CC Mean In A Bike

Last Modified: 30-November-2022

CC means in Bikes

Bikes are cool and stylish, and most of us dream of owning one. However, it can be confusing to choose the right bike as not everyone buys a bike for the same purpose or has the same feature preference. While some bike lovers may buy a two-wheeler for daily commuting, others may want one for an adrenaline rush from motorsports and also opting for two ways to buy a bike, one is by applying for a two wheeler loan or by paying complete bike amount. 

Many of us have the basic knowledge about a bike and look for a bike with the desired weight and design, but we may overlook the CC, meaning the cubic capacity of a two-wheeler. When you purchase a bike, you may not be fully aware of the relevance of CC for your bike and the effect it would have on your motorcycle’s performance. 

Here is everything you need to know about a bike’s CC and its impact on a two-wheeler. 

Meaning of CC in a Bike

CC, meaning the cubic capacity of a bike, is the power output of the two-wheeler’s engine. It denotes the volume of the engine’s chamber of a two-wheeler. The highest CC bike has the largest quantity of air and fuel mixture. The air and fuel mixture gets compressed to produce power for a motorcycle. The highest CC bikes have the largest power outputs for the riders. 

The engine cubic capacity of bikes has a huge range and may vary from 50 CC to 1800 CC for some highest CC bikes like sports cruiser bikes. The cubic capacity of a bike’s engine determines how much output the bike can give in terms of torque, mileage, and horsepower. Additionally, the bike’s cubic capacity affects the premium of its insurance. 

Importance of Cubic Capacity for a Bike’s Performance

When the engine capacity of a bike’s cylinder is more, it leads to more space for air and fuel in the bike’s cylinder. Such a bike gives a higher power output to the rider. Short-stroke and long-stroke are two terms every bike enthusiast has heard. 

Short-stroke engines are the ones that are short but have a wide piston that moves over shorter distances. Short-stroke engines move at a higher speed and produce more power when you ride the bike at a higher speed. On the other hand, long-stroke engines are deep and have a narrower piston than short-stroke engines that move over long distances. Long-stroke engines produce more torque than power when a rider rides a bike. 

The highest CC bike generates the most power. Thus, a 1000 CC bike produces more power than a 200 CC bike. However, the engine cylinder’s shape affects the power it produces. Therefore, an 800 CC long-stroke engine bike may produce less power than a 600 CC short-stroke engine. There is a piston in every bike engine, and this piston gets pushed when it receives pressure from the heat energy of the fuel. 

Impact of a Bike’s Cubic Capacity on its Cost

A bike’s price directly depends on its cubic capacity. A bike with a higher CC also gives better performance. Hence, it requires a lot of mechanical augmentation as well. The components with mechanical augmentation may include better quality brake pads, superior suspension and aerodynamics, and durable materials. A bike with better materials will cost more to the manufacturer and customer, and also there are many factors one should consider before buying a bike. 

Impact of a Bike’s Cubic Capacity on its Insurance Premium

The insurance premium of a two-wheeler depends on multiple factors; its cubic capacity is one of them. A bike owner can opt for two types of bike insurance on his bike, third-party bike insurance and comprehensive bike insurance. The third-party bike insurance covers only the minimum insurance requirement of a bike owner, including the damages to property and third-party injuries from an accident. 

The insurance premium for both these types of insurance plans has been decided by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), which has specified the slab rates for each insurance plan based on the cubic capacity of a bike. The third-party insurance cost for a bike is based purely on the cubic capacity of a bike. In contrast, the insurance cost for a comprehensive insurance plan for a two-wheeler is based on several factors like the bike’s cubic capacity, model, engine capacity, etc.

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