Top 6 Upcoming Electric Bikes in India

Last Modified: 28-May-2024

Top 6 Upcoming Electric Bikes in India

Excited about the future of electric bikes in India? With the growing demand for eco-friendly transportation, the market for electric bikes is soaring. With increasing awareness of environmental concerns and the need for sustainable transportation, it’s only natural that more people are turning to electric bikes for commuting. The rising popularity can be attributed to factors like affordability, convenience, reduced emissions, and government incentives encouraging electric mobility.


In this post, we will analyse the top six upcoming electric bikes in India that are set to revolutionise how we commute. From sleek designs to strong performance, these electric bikes provide a glimpse into the future of sustainable mobility. Whether you’re a daily commuter or an adventure enthusiast, these new electric bikes are poised to offer an exhilarating and environmentally conscious riding experience.

1. Super Soco TS Street Hunter

Super Soco TS Street Hunter Electric Bike in India

The Super Soco TS Street Hunter boasts various features that enhance its driving experience. The motorcycle has a powerful electric motor that delivers quick acceleration and smooth handling. Its lightweight construction and agile manoeuvrability make it ideal for urban commuting. Additionally, this new electric bike in India offers regenerative braking, allowing the battery to recharge while decelerating, and it supports app connectivity for added convenience and customisation.


Expected Launch August 2023
Expected Price Rs 1.5 Lakh
Estimated Range 200 kms/charge
Top Speed 75 kmph


2. Svitch CSR 762

Svitch CSR 762 Electric Bike In India

The Svitch CSR 762 is a versatile upcoming electric bicycle in India that combines style and functionality. It features a sturdy frame, powerful electric motor, and removable battery for easy charging. The bike offers a comfortable and eco-friendly ride for urban and off-road adventures. The bicycle also comes equipped with front and rear suspension, disc brakes, and LED lights for enhanced safety and convenience.


Expected Launch June 2023
Expected Price Rs 1.65 Lakh
Estimated Range 120 km/charge
Top Speed 110 kmph


3. Harley-Davidson EDT600R

Harley-Davidson EDT600R  Electric Bike in India
Harley-Davidson is a legendary motorcycle brand known for its iconic designs and powerful engines. With a rich heritage and passionate following, Harley-Davidson bikes have become synonymous with freedom and the open road. Bike enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the arrival of the highly awaited Harley-Davidson EDT600R Electric Bike, poised to combine the brand’s timeless appeal with cutting-edge electric technology.


Expected Launch November 2023
Expected Price Rs 6 Lakh
Estimated Range NA
Top Speed NA


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4. Zero SR/F

Zero SR/F  Electric Bike In India
The Zero SR/F stands out as a high-performance electric motorcycle, delivering exhilarating speed and acceleration. With its powerful electric motor, impressive range, and cutting-edge features, it represents the future of electric motorcycles.


Expected Launch August 2023
Expected Price Rs 21 Lakh
Estimated Range Around 320 km/charge
Top Speed Around 200 kmph


5. Emflux Two

Emflux Two  Electric Bike In India

Emflux is an Indian electric vehicle company renowned for its innovative and high-performance electric motorcycles. Emflux has garnered attention for its commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric mobility. Among their impressive lineup, the Emflux Two bike stands out as a true marvel. With its stunning aesthetics, state-of-the-art electric drivetrain, and remarkable performance capabilities, the Emflux Two embodies the epitome of electric motorcycle engineering.

Expected Launch June 2023
Expected Price Rs 4-4.5 Lakh
Estimated Range 160 km/charge
Top Speed 160 kmph

6. Orxa Mantis


Orxa Mantis  Electric Bike in India

The Orxa Mantis is an impressive electric motorcycle that merges performance and sustainability. With its sleek and futuristic design, powerful electric motor, and long-range capabilities, it delivers an exhilarating ride while being environmentally friendly. The Orxa Mantis sets a new standard for electric motorcycles, combining style, performance, and eco-consciousness.


Expected Launch June 2023
Expected Price Rs 3 Lakh
Estimated Range 200 km/charge
Top Speed 140 kmph


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