Popular Types of Cars Available in the Indian Market

Last Modified: 4-January-2023

Popular types of cars available in Indian Market

Cars for Indians mean more than an asset. The recent stats show how emotionally we Indians are attached to them. The sale of Indian passenger vehicles increased by 28.6% in October 2022 (as compared to the same in October 2021). In addition, the new generation is more automobile-savvy and aware of what features they want in a car.

Every type of car has different and unique features. Knowing them will help you choose the best car. 

Different Types of Cars Available in India

Here are the types of cars, along with their features which Indian buyers can choose. 

1. Hatchback

Hatchback popular car in India
Hatchbacks are one of the country’s most sought-after and popular car types. It derives its name from the additional hatch at the back of the car. The hatch opens upward and gives easy access to the boot space. Hatchbacks have comfortable seatings for up to five people and compact body structures.

  • The unique feature of a hatchback is the design of the boot space. It is present behind the back seats of the car. 
  • Hatchbacks are popular due to their compact design and easy accessibility in cities. 
  • There is no specific size for a hatchback, but generally, they are under four meters, and their engine capacity is between 0.8 to 1.5 liters. 
  • These cars boast excellent fuel economy and affordable pricing. 
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2. Sedan

Sedan popular car in India
The word sedan is derived from the Latin word ‘sedere’, which translates to ‘sit’. As the name suggests, Sedans offer passengers excellent seating comfort and convenience. A sedan has a long body and is built with a three-box configuration with three pillars (A, B, and C).

Unlike  hatchbacks, sedans have a separate boot space that looks like an extension of the car’s bodyline. Additionally, when one opens a sedan, they open the boot space, not the car itself. Thus, sedans have a bigger boot space than hatchbacks.

  • A sedan can be between four meters to five meters in length. 
  • Its price is higher than hatchbacks usually, and it offers more interior and leg space. Its engine size starts from 1.0 litre and increases for bigger cars. 
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3. Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs)

SUV popular car in India

  • Sports Utility Vehicles are available as passenger vehicles and off-roaders both. 
  • They are usually large, measuring four meters plus, except for compact SUVs, with under four meters in size. 
  • An SUV driver gets a better view of the road ahead due to its tall bodyline. 
  • The high ground clearance SUVs provide separates them from other car types.

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4. Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV)

MUV popular car in India

  • MUVs offer maximum practicality and utility to car buyers. 
  • MUVs can seat up to 10 people, and people prefer them for long-distance travel due to their spacious interiors. 
  • MUVs have engines of larger capacity (1.5 litres or more). 
  • They are well-built cars with a practical build and enhanced seating capacity. MUVs are highly fuel-efficient cars that make them ideal for long journeys.  


The Indian vehicle market is constantly innovating to provide car and bike lovers with several options. Auto finance can bring you closer to your dream of owning a vehicle. If you want to buy a vehicle anytime soon, you can opt for a Muthoot Capital loan by checking for easy car loan eligibility. 

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