9 Best Ways to Improve Your Car Mileage

Last Modified: 20-February-2023

Individuals who need to drive regularly wish to own a car, either a new one or a used car and it is very necessary to maintain car fuel economy as it can take a big bite out of their monthly finances. By opting for a used car loan from Muthoot Capital, you can plan your finances well.  

Improving fuel efficiency saves money and benefits the environment by reducing emission release. There are several ways to increase a car’s mileage and lower driving costs. Let us know how to get maximum mileage from a car and save money with increased mileage.

How to Increase the Mileage of a Car

1. Maintain the Right Tyre Pressure

There is a direct link between tyre pressure and mileage. Low tyre pressure means the contact area between tyres and the road is beyond the usual limit. It increases the friction between the tyre and the road. Similarly, over-inflation in tyres reduces the grip. Therefore, keeping proper tyre pressure as recommended by the manufacturer is inevitable. Improper tyre pressure can reduce almost 10-15% fuel efficiency. Drive with the correct air pressure to increase car mileage a car’s fuel efficiency and, thus, greater mileage. 

2. Reduced Use of AC Means 30% More Mileage

Constant use of the air conditioner (AC) at its maximum can decrease your car’s fuel efficiency by up to 30%. Where a full fuel tank can run a car 500 km with the AC on, it can go 600-625 km when the AC is switched off. If your pure intention is to increase a car’s mileage, you have to forget the comfort of AC. Excessive usage of AC can strain the engine and reduce mileage. Thus, unless really needed, it is good to turn off the AC. 

3. Use Gears Correctly

Wondering how to increase car mileage increase a car’s mileage with the correct usage of gears? Changing gears correctly helps increase mileage, whether it is manual or automatic transmission cars. Sudden acceleration can reduce an engine’s efficiency quite drastically. Linear acceleration is necessary. Ideally, driving at around 80 kmph in fifth gear is good to increase a car’s fuel efficiency.

4. Plan Route Beforehand

Planning things in your head before taking action is always good. It is true for increasing the mileage of a car too. A car stuck in traffic can drain fuel. Plan your journey and find a route with fewer traffic signals to improve your car’s mileage. Spend less time pressing the brake and clutch. Lesser stops will increase the average mileage. You may not mind taking a few extra kilometres than being stuck on a congested city road. You can check the available route navigations and take the one with fewer stoppages. You can avoid driving during rush hours. 

5. Keep it Shut When Idle

Idling your car means stopping it with its engine on, which is bad for fuel efficiency. You are not moving an inch and still burning fuel pointlessly. Why waste precious fuel when we are not even moving? If your stoppage at a traffic signal is above 45 seconds, it is best to turn the ignition off. 

6. Good Maintenance – Regular Servicing

Take care of your car to improve its mileage. The engine’s performance will decrease with restricted airflow caused by clogged pores and more fuel use than required. It would produce more power to drive at the same speed as it could with a clean filter. Clogged filters of your car cause increased consumption of fuel. 

7.  A half-full tank may increase mileage

Fill up your car’s fuel tank halfway. It is good to keep a car’s tank above one-quarter full. A half-full tank may increase its mileage. A half-full tank reduces the weight on the engine and increases mileage.

8.  Roll up Car’s Windows

The wind blow coming into the car from open windows can hamper a car’s aerodynamics and cause more stress on the engine, especially at high speed. A speed over 50 kmph and fully open windows can cause low fuel efficiency. You can use the car’s air blower at the ‘fresh air setting’. 

9. Keep your Vehicle Light

Avoid putting extra items in your car; it can improve your car’s fuel efficiency. Leave excess weight at home. You will notice top mileage cars with improved efficiency which are ideal for daily commutes.   

Thus, these are the easy ways to answer ‘how to increase the mileage of a car.’ The car’s fuel efficiency can be increased with only a few thoughtful steps and being patient, whenever required, for a few moments.


1. How to improve car mileage?

Tips to Improve or maintain the Mileage of Car:

  • Keep the Engine in Good Health.
  • Reduce the Load Inside the Car.
  • Use Accurate Engine Oil.
  • Be Easy on the clutch.
  • Maintain the Right Air Pressure, try to avoid opening windows at high speeds.
  • Check Wheel Alignment.

2. Does AC reduce mileage?

As a general answer, a study found that running the AC does reduce car mileage. Generally, the air conditioner uses fuel, so use it wisely.

3. How can I increase my mileage by 10%?

The 10% Rule to improve mileage simply states that you should only increase mileage in increments of 10. So if you are running 20 miles a week and want to increase mileage, you should only run 2 more miles.

4. How to Increase Mileage of Petrol Car?

Read the points to know how to improve mileage of petrol car:

  1. Proper tire pressure: Maintaining proper tire pressure can improve fuel efficiency.
  2. Avoid aggressive driving: Hard acceleration and braking can lower gas mileage.
  3. Regular maintenance: Regular maintenance, such as oil changes and engine tune-ups, can improve fuel efficiency.
  4. Reduce weight: Removing unnecessary items from your vehicle can reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency.
  5. Use cruise control: Using cruise control on highways can help maintain a steady speed and improve fuel efficiency.
  6. Avoid idling: Idling for long periods can waste fuel and lower fuel efficiency.
  7. Plan trips: Combining errands into one trip can reduce the number of times you have to start and stop your engine, improving fuel efficiency.

5. How to Increase Mileage of Diesel Car?

Below are the points to know how to increase average of car:

  • Proper tire pressure
  • Avoid aggressive driving
  • Regular maintenance
  • Reduce weight
  • Use cruise control
  • Avoid idling
  • Plan trips

6. How to Increase Mileage of Gas (CNG) Car?

Below are the points to know how to improve car gas mileage:

  • Reduce weight
  • Use cruise control
  • Avoid idling
  • Plan trips
  • Proper tire pressure
  • Avoid aggressive driving
  • Regular maintenance
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