Best Mileage Bikes in Chennai

Last Modified: 28-June-2022

Best Mileage Bikes in Chennai

Numerous folks have converted to two-wheelers as a more practical means of transportation due to the increasing headache of congestion and commuting concerns. This is relevant for everyday commuters in India, where individuals choose to commute by two-wheeler to save time, which is a growing trend.

The most important feature of a bike used for everyday commuting is high mileage and low maintenance costs. As a result, mileage bikes are the latest revolutionary solutions to our everyday problems.

Since bikes are typically thought of as a low-cost and low-maintenance choice, mileage is a key consideration. The finest mileage bikes allow more extended transportation with less fuel consumption, making them more cost-effective.

Best Mileage Bikes in Chennai

Choosing the top mileage bikes Chennai may appear to be a challenging prospect, which is why the below list can assist bike lovers.

Bajaj CT 100

As the best mileage bike Chennai, the Bajaj CT 100 takes the top spot on this list. A 4-speed manual gearbox is standard on this motorbike. It also includes a telescopic front suspension and a hydraulic suspension. The bike has a mileage of 75 kilometres per litre.

TVS Sport

The TVS Sport, one of the top mileage bikes Chennai, is a commuter motorbike designed for riders searching for a lightweight ride with a fuel-efficient engine and a low price tag. It was first introduced as a 100cc model, but after the BS6 changeover in April 2020, TVS replaced it with a larger 110cc motor. The bike has a mileage of 73 kilometres per litre.

Bajaj Platina 110

The Bajaj Platina 110 is the third-best mileage bike Chennai. It comes with a four-speed gearbox. It also has hydraulic front and rear suspensions and a nitrox gas canister for added comfort. The bike has a mileage of 70 kilometres per litre.

TVS Star City Plus

The TVS Motor Company’s commuter lineup includes the Star City Plus. The new Star City has additional features and an updated design, apart from the improved engine. It also comes with a four-speed manual gearbox. The bike has a mileage of 70 kilometres per litre.

Bajaj CT 110

The Bajaj CT 110 is the next bike on this list of top mileage bikes Chennai. It has a top speed of 90 kmph and is suitable for both city tours and long-distance travel. The bike has a mileage of 70 kilometres per litre.

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