Loyalty Loans

Loyalty Loans Overview

If you are an existing customer of Muthoot Capital with an excellent track record, we can provide you with a Loyalty Loan. Pre-approved, these loans can help you in case a sudden need arises – a loan to suit any need!

Subordinated Debts

Subordinated Debts Overview

The private placement of the Subordinated Debt is being made to enhance the long term resources of the Company and to augment the business activities carried on by the Company which mainly consists of the financing of vehicles. This will be treated as a part of Tier II capital of the Company The Subordinated Debt shall be in the form of non-marketable certificate. It is unsecured and is subordinated to the claims of other creditors.

Secured Business Loan

Secured Business Loan by Muthoot Capital

Secured business loans or collateral business loans require a company asset like land, property, or equipment to be offered as security in case the borrower defaults. You can get a longer tenure and lower interest rate on a secured loan. The Company provides Secured loans to entities with a short track record and low asset base which are unable to get finance from commercial banks. This will enable the borrowers to develop their business and to build an unencumbered portfolio which can be assigned later.

Fixed Deposits

Fixed Deposits Online by Muthoot Capital

Grow your savings with Muthoot Fixed Deposits! We offer short-term and long-term deposit plans, according to your preference. Our schemes include monthly interest plans, annual interest plans, and maturity plans, offering yield rate as high as 9.91%*.
* Senior citizens shall be eligible for additional interest of 0.50% on the rate of interest.

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