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Muthoot Pappachan Group takes community welfare sensitively through their Muthoot Pappachan Foundation. Muthoot Pappachan Foundation (MPF) is a Public Charitable Trust which was formed in the year 2003 as the CSR arm of the Muthoot Blue. Since the launch, our various initiatives, programmes and activities have touched thousands of lives, providing support and ensuring that the marginalised or underprivileged sections of the society by offering them with opportunities to achieve success in life.

Role of Muthoot Pappachan Foundation (MPF)


Planning and implementing various CSR activities towards the set objectives of the organisation and facilitate the CSR programmes through various companies of the Group, is the major responsibility of MPF. The core aim of the trust is to facilitate all the CSR activities and programmes of the entire Group which are bound by the theme – HEEL – Health, Education, Environment and Livelihood. MPF facilitates company-level and Group-level CSR activities adhering to the HEEL theme for the following stakeholders:

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Corporate
  • Government sector
  • Public sector
  • Marginalised Communities
  • Other stakeholders (NGOs, Corporate partners)

The CSR Objectives of the Muthoot Pappachan Foundation

With the long term and futuristic perspective, the entire range of CSR activities undertaken by the various group companies is streamlined through the Foundation.

To build a framework of CSR activities with a philanthropic approach in line with business unit objectives, which also benefits the organisation at large
  • Social returns together with financial returns, while imbibing the organisation’s ethos and value systems.
  • Build sustainability for the organisation by ‘Engaging the Community.’
To build a corporate brand through CSR

For other stakeholders make it “an integral part of the company’s DNA, so much so that it has to be an organic part of the business “.

Understanding our mission of Sustainability

Under the sustainability mission, MPF partners with projects to ensure long-term sustainability. We plan and implement strategic CSR initiatives that are a blend of philanthropy and business to looking for the combined social and economic benefit of all stakeholders.

With our sustainability mission, we aim to:

  • Effectively communicate the organisation’s goals and direction
  • Enhance the brand’s value and reputation
  • Work for long-term sustainability for the organisation and society
  • Improve financial performance
  • Build a relationship with businesses in the community and local authorities
  • Build Good relations with government and communities
  • Have a license to operate

The Reach & Impact of Our CSR Activities

Muthoot Blue is at the forefront of promoting CSR activities through its various branches and companies. We are actively involved in engaging with the underprivileged groups and marginalised sections of the society through intelligently conceived and executed programmes. The benefits received by our stakeholders is what encourages us to continue with our long-term focus on and support in the areas of health, education and livelihood. Our focus is on empowerment which has had an indelible impact on the communities as a whole.


The Group’s healthcare support initiatives have delivered tangible, quantifiable outcomes.

  • Free medical consultation provided to over 25000 patients in the 2012-13 period.
  • Free treatment and medical services provided to about 10,000 patients, out of which 4000 patients received free surgeries, including cataract operations.
  • Treatment support for cancer, renal, cardiovascular and other chronic diseases ensured for 267 BPL patients.
  • The Muthoot Pappachan Life Blood Directory was established to great response with over 30000 donors voluntarily registered within the initial three months of its pilot project in Kerala. The number of donations is growing steadily, as the Directory extends its reach to other parts of India. A help desk to facilitate Patient-Donor interface is established in Trivandrum.

The Group’s record in providing education support is also impressive:

  • Provided education to 450 disadvantaged students. The support included schooling materials, community tuitions across subjects, training in life skills and guidance. The support is provided from the beginning of the student’s schooling to the end and beyond.
  • Many students receiving support are now pursuing their bachelor’s degrees across streams and disciplines, including engineering.
  • A modern training facility is under development at Mulanthuruthy for the Swashraya Rehabilitation and Training Centre.
  • Muthoot Blue funded a Physics laboratory for Chinmaya School, Kottayam, which is benefitting over 100 students annually.
  • We provided five computers, each, to schools in rural locations facing a resource crunch.
  • The Group is providing support through local NGOs and Diocese Development Societies to numerous students pursuing their professional education.

Kongorppilly School is a learning community for students from the disadvantageous groups. The school is going through a lean phase due to lack of infrastructure, leading to a high drop-out rate. In an effort to revive the school’s fortunes, the management asked the Muthoot Pappachan Group for support. We were more than happy to fund their infrastructural requirements and donating computers.


Muthoot Pappachan Group believes that alternate sources of power are the wisest solution for problems that threaten our very existence on this planet. For this, the Group has formed a dedicated venture for supporting green initiatives – Muthoot Alternate Energy Resources.

Muthoot Pappachan Group started the wind energy project in 1993 at wind farms located in Muppandhal village in Kanyakumari district in Tamil Nadu with a total installed capacity of 26.5 MW.


The Group has made consistent forays in ensuring livelihood for the deprived.

  • Provided financial literacy to over 25000 women and facilitation support for initiating their own small businesses.
  • Local NGOs roped in to provide support to customers living in difficult conditions.
  • We have provided funds via the Widow Pension Malabar Diocese to 217 senior women marred by difficult conditions, paucity of funds and/or poor health.
  • Support was provided to 15 young theatre and performing artists of the Abhinaya Theatre Group. These artists are instrumental in reinstating theatre art forms.
  • Veteran artists, young budding talents and the differently-abled artists were supported through the Soorya Festival programme. The support is aimed at providing sufficient financial support to help them excel in the art.

More About Heel

All the Group companies are leading their own CSR initiatives by adhering to the HEEL themes, specifically involving their staff and customers. MPF facilitates this process.

Major Initiatives Under Heel

The Streejyoti Programme
(Micro-Finance Team) – Livelihood Theme

Objective: To ensure competitiveness through the development of managerial skills of the members, read more


Muthoot Life Blood Directory
(Muthoot Fincorp Ltd & Medicare) – Health Theme

Objective: Muthoot Pappachan Lifeblood Directory creates a platform for all the good souls that are read more


Medical Camps
(Muthoot Fincorp Ltd) – Health Theme

Objective: Medical camps are conducted all over the country to provide free access to expert medical advice and read more


Adoption of Villages (Educational Support for children)
(Hospitality & Muthoot Fincorp Limited) – Education

Objective: We take on the task of providing educational support to children from economically deprived read more


Disability and Rehabilitation
(Medicare) – Health Theme
Swasraya Training and Rehabilitation Centre

Objective: It is our aim to support people suffering from paraplegia and other debilitating diseases. read more


Alternate Energy
(Muthoot Fincorp Limited) – Environment Theme
Wind Mills

Objective - Promoting alternate and sustainable energy sources to reduce the burden on natural read more


Kerala Flood Relief

As floods ranasacked the state we all hold dear in our hearts, it was but natural for us to reach out and help read more

Muthoot Medical Camps Muthoot Alternate Energy Resources

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