Piaggio Bike Price in India – New Bike Models 2023

Last Modified: 7-February-2024

Piaggio Bike Price in India - New Bike Models 2023

Are you looking to buy a Vespa this year? Well, you’re in luck! The classic Italian scooter brand, Vespa, has unveiled its lineup for 2023 in India, and it’s filled with charm, style, and innovation. Each model carries the legacy of quality and elegance that Vespa is renowned for, promising a unique ride experience for every enthusiast. Whether you’re a daily commuter seeking efficiency or an adventurer craving the perfect blend of aesthetics and performance, there’s a Vespa price tailored just for you.

From the luxurious Elegante to the forward-thinking Vespa electric scooter, Elettrica, there’s a Vespa for every taste and budget. In this article, we’ll dive into each model, providing you with all the details you need to pick your perfect ride. So grab your helmet, and let’s explore the latest Vespa offerings and Vespa scooter price in India!

1. Vespa VXL 150

Vespa VXL 150

The Vespa VXL 150 is more than a scooter; it’s a statement. It exudes style and offers an exhilarating performance. Here’s why you might fall in love with it:

  • Design and Features: With sleek curves and vibrant colour options, it’s a head-turner.
  • Engine Performance: Powered by a 150cc engine, it offers a smooth ride.
  • Price: The VXL 150 starts at INR 1,23,000 in India.

2. Vespa SXL 125

Vespa SXL 125

If you’re seeking agility, the Vespa SXL 125 is for you. Known for its robust design and comfortable ride, the Vespa SXL 125 is another attractive option for the following reasons.┬á

  • Appearance: Sporty and yet refined. Just like you, perhaps?
  • Performance: It’s quick, agile, and great fun to ride.
  • Price: At INR 1,15,000, it’s an attractive deal.

3. Vespa SXL 150

Vespa SXL 150

The Vespa SXL 150 is a blend of style and performance that’s sure to attract those seeking a bit more adventure on the road:

  • Design: Building on the aesthetic charm of the SXL 125, the SXL 150 adds a little more flair. With elegant curves and vibrant colour options, it’s more than just a scooter; it’s a fashion statement on wheels.
  • Engine: Packed with a 150cc engine, this Italian masterpiece offers more power and smooth handling
  • Price: Starting at INR 1,26,000, the Vespa SXL 150 may seem like an investment, but for thrill-seekers and Vespa enthusiasts, it’s a choice that reflects passion and a taste for the finer things in life.

4. Vespa ZX 125

Vespa ZX 125

The Vespa ZX 125 is about elegance and simplicity. It is designed for those who love simplicity without compromising on performance:

  • Design Aesthetics: Classic Vespa with a touch of modern flair.
  • Feel: Reliable and comfortable for daily commutes.
  • Price: A friendly Vespa price of INR 96,000 to get you on the road.

5. Vespa VXL 125

Vespa VXL 125

An iconic choice for daily commuters, the Vespa VXL 125 is a blend of style and efficiency:

  • Aesthetics: Chic and timeless. It’s a crowd-pleaser.
  • Performance: Efficient, yet doesn’t compromise on fun.
  • Price: INR 1,11,000 for the joy of riding a classic.

6. Vespa Elegante 150

Vespa Elegante 150

Elegance is an understatement with the Vespa Elegante 150. It offers a touch of elegance and sophistication. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Beauty: It’s downright gorgeous, with an exclusive finish.
  • Ride: Smooth and luxurious like an Italian opera.
  • Price: INR 1,35,000 for an extraordinary experience.

7. Vespa Elettrica

Vespa Elettrica

Ready to embrace the future? The Vespa Elettrica is Vespa’s venture into electric mobility. Why it should be on your list:

  • Eco-Friendly: The Vespa electric scooter is green, literally and figuratively!
  • Tech-Savvy: Digital display, anyone?
  • Price: At INR 1,50,000, it’s an investment, no less. You can explore two wheeler finance options to make this you dream scooter.┬á

8. Vespa Urban Club 125

Vespa Urban Club 125

The Vespa Urban Club 125 is youthful and vibrant. Aimed at the youth, Vespa Urban Club 125 offers a sporty feel:

  • Design: It’s probably the coolest in terms of all Vespa designs and comes with bright colours and contemporary design elements.
  • Ride: Perfect for zipping around town.
  • Price: Only INR 93,000 to join the club.

9. Vespa LX 125

Vespa LX 125

For the minimalists, there’s the Vespa LX 125:

  • Simplicity: Less is more, and the LX 125 proves it.
  • Ride: Comfortable, dependable, and your new best friend.
  • Price: At INR 96,000, it’s a steal.

Financing Your Vespa: Muthoot Capital’s Got Your Back┬á

Worried about the cost? Don’t be! We at Muthoot Capital, a leading name in two wheeler finance, offer tailor-made solutions with competitive bike finance interest rate. Here’s why you should consider financing with us:

  • Flexibility: Payment plans that understand your needs.
  • Affordability: Rates that make owning a Vespa a breeze.
  • No hidden charges: For that peace of mind.┬á


Owning a Vespa in 2023 has become even more delightful with a range of models to choose from. Whether you’re an eco-warrior, a style icon, or someone who just loves a good ride, Vespa’s 2023 lineup in India has something just for you. And with financial support from Muthoot Capital, your dream Vespa scooter price in India has something just for you. And with financial support from Muthoot Capital, your dream Vespa scooter price is closer than you think. So go ahead, pick your Vespa, hit the road, and ride with pride!

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