Major Points To Consider While Buying A Bike

Last Modified: 20-February-2023

Points to consider while buying a Bike

Purchasing a bike for the first time is a super exciting and special time for most individuals. Whether it’s about ease of commuting to work, long road trips, or a quick trip to a friend’s house, a bike trumps four-wheelers. It requires less parking space and cuts down on travel time.

There are many things to consider before buying your first bike – fuel-based or electric, the functions it will serve, your budget, etc. Research-based decisions can help you make the right choice and save money. Following are some important aspects you should consider while scouting to buy your first bike.

Key Aspects to Consider While Buying a New Bike

1. The Budget is Always in Narrative

Budget is the most important aspect of buying a new bike. To firm up your decision to buy a new bike, set a limit according to your budget first. The amount you can invest in your bike will help you narrow your choices. If your budget is Rs.60,000 and you can stretch it to Rs.75,000 maximum, you can list all the bikes that fit in this range. Today, you can find bikes at economical prices and superbikes at a high range that can go up to tens of lakhs. If funds are a constraint to buying your bike, you can apply for two-wheeler loans with renowned NBFCs providing online bike loans covering up to 100% of the on-road price of your bike.

2. Consider Your Experience as a Rider

If you have learned to ride a bike using your family or friends’ bike, by the time you are ready to buy one, there is a high probability of being a pretty good bike rider. If you are an entry-level commuter, you can consider a bike which falls in the range of 100 to 150cc for easy handling. After getting experienced with regular practice, you can upgrade to bikes with more powerful engines.

3. Decide on the Type of Bike

There are different types of bikes, like Cruisers (Bajaj Avenger DTS-I, Royal Enfield Thunderbird), Sport bikes(Yamaha YZF-R15, Kawasaki Ninja 300), Tourer (Yamaha Fazer, Hero Karizma R), Street bikes (Bajaj Discover 100T, Honda CB 1000R) Dual Purpose/Dirt bikes (Hero Impulse, Ducati Hypermotard), etc. Most Indians prefer a motorcycle with a powerful engine that allows them to travel far distances effortlessly. Also, you can choose a fuel-based or electric bike per your requirement and decency to maintain your vehicle. You can select and eliminate the bikes you like or don’t like based on your budget. A two-wheeler loan can offer bike finance up to Rs.3 Lakhs to help you to choose your dream bike.

4. Know the Purposes that the Functionality of a Bike can meet

Sometimes your residence helps you decide what kind of bike you should buy. Most of the bikes are manufactured for a ride on tarred roads. Tourers and cruisers are considered the best for long distances and the best bet for your money. On the other hand, street fighters can be best for short city flicks and are worth your hard-earned money. The frequency of use also matters. Spending thousands of rupees to buy a motorcycle for a few rides may not be worth it for many.

5. Check Easy Accessibility of Maintenance Centres

Over time, every vehicle requires maintenance. Therefore, it is necessary to service your bike on time to maintain a top-notch performance. It will be easy if the maintenance centres are near. Check the accessibility of such service centres while you buy a new bike. Also, check if the components of the selected model are readily available in the market. It is the reason why more individuals trust well-known brands for their vehicles. Bike finance is an option for most of the reputed bike brands.

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6. Refer to Testaments and Reviews

Read reviews on the internet. Go through stories from users on automotive portals. It will help you to know the intricate details of the bike. You can look for comments from individuals using the same model for quite some time. Make sure you read genuine reviews by actual users that testify to the bike’s pros and cons. These reviews will help you understand the bike’s overall performance, engine performance, efficiency, on-road performance, and real issues before you buy it.

7. Ride Quality and practical usage

Your research could be around the bike’s ride quality and practical usage. Before entering the showroom, you could always consider the motif of buying it. You might not need a massive engine if you are purchasing it for regular transportation. You should also check how comfortable and fuel-efficient the bike is. Consider discussing the bike you want to buy with your friends or researching over the internet.


This is a crucial aspect of buying a bike. You could consider your requirements and then narrow them down to parts and accessories. Generally, people end up buying unnecessary accessories as they are emotionally elevated at the moment.

Similarly, you should check whether the parts used are metal or fiber based. A metal body will always be heavier and more reliable for long rides. On the other hand, lighter parts will reduce the bike’s overall weight, but they might not be very effective for heavy riding. Little research and awareness can save money for you.

Finally, you can visit the nearest showroom to give it a test ride. Do not skip this step. Test riding is a necessary step before investing your funds in a bike. Try out how the bike functions in reality and own it with full confidence. Like many, you can consider an online bike loan with Muthoot Capital Services Limited which offers two-wheeler loans on easy terms of repayments.


1. What features to see while buying a bike?

Along with your budget, body parts, accessories, ride quality, fuel-efficiency, and re-sale value are the factors you should consider while purchasing a bike.

2. What are the things to know before buying a two wheeler in India?

Indian streets are complex. Not every bike can be successful here. Considering the roads you ride on, average traffic, and your regular usage, you could choose the best-suited bike for you. For example, buying a heavy sports bike might trouble you riding through narrow streets. Similarly, bikes with engines less than 100cc might not be good for long highway rides.

3. Best time to buy bikes in India?

Without any doubt, festive seasons, especially Diwali, Eid, and Christmas, are the best times to buy a bike in India. Companies offer fascinating discounts and you can get your dream bike at a much lesser price.

4. Tips for buying your first Bike?

Buying your first bike is not only financial but an emotional investment too. But, doing a thorough research is better than flowing with emotions. Discuss with your friends and read reviews online. If it is possible, take a test ride because your personal experience will give your the clearest idea.

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