Honda Shine 100 – Price, Mileage, Images, Colours, and Specifications

Last Modified: 9-July-2024

Honda Shine 100

The Honda Shine 100 is revered among Indian motorcycle enthusiasts for its dependability, exceptional fuel economy, and smooth riding experience. Renowned for its reliability, this bike embodies trustworthiness on every journey. Its efficient design ensures minimal fuel consumption, making it a cost-effective option for daily commuters. Moreover, its comfortable seating and robust suspension system provide a pleasurable riding experience, even on challenging terrains. With its combination of reliability, fuel efficiency, and comfort, the Honda Shine 100 stands as a top choice for riders seeking a dependable and enjoyable ride across India’s diverse landscapes.

Honda Shine 100: Colours, Images, Mileage, Prices, Specs


Overview of Honda Shine DISC

Aspect Description
Affordability The Honda Shine 100 offers exceptional value for money, combining affordability with reliable performance.
Performance Leveraging advanced eSP technology, the Shine 100 delivers optimal fuel efficiency and power output, making it suitable for both short urban commutes and long journeys.
Fuel Efficiency With its efficient design and eSP technology, the Shine 100 maximises fuel efficiency, ensuring cost-effective riding experiences for owners.
Comfort Setting a new standard in its class, the Shine 100 features an extended seat and robust suspension system, enhancing rider and pillion comfort on all types of terrain.
Technology The Shine 100 incorporates Honda’s trusted eSP technology, optimising performance while ensuring reliable power delivery, contributing to its overall efficiency.

About Honda Shine DISC

The Honda Shine 100 epitomises versatility, tailored to suit the demands of Indian riders. Its simple yet functional design encompasses key features like a halogen headlight, an elegantly curved fuel tank, and a unified seat with a convenient grab rail. Available in an array of five vibrant colour schemes, it offers riders the opportunity to express their individuality. With its thoughtful design elements and customisable aesthetic options, the Honda Shine 100 stands out as a versatile and stylish choice for riders seeking both functionality and flair on the roads of India.

Specs & Features of Honda Shine DISC

Honda Shine Ride Comfort

Riders can expect a delightful journey on the Honda Shine 100, courtesy of its thoughtful design aimed at enhancing ride comfort. Equipped with telescopic front forks and dual rear shocks, it effortlessly absorbs bumps and undulations, ensuring a smooth and stable ride even on rough roads. The elongated seat provides ample space for both the rider and pillion, enhancing comfort during long rides. Whether cruising through city streets or navigating rural terrains, the strong suspension system minimises vibrations, offering a pleasant riding experience every time.

Honda Shine Maintenance

The Honda Shine 100 is engineered for hassle-free ownership, boasting low maintenance costs and dependable performance. Its efficient design and reliable components contribute to its ease of maintenance, reducing the need for frequent visits to the service centre. Powered by a 98.98cc BS6 engine, it delivers impressive mileage, further enhancing its cost-effectiveness. With regular servicing and proper care, this bike can provide years of trouble-free performance, ensuring peace of mind for owners.

Honda Shine Safety Features

Safety takes precedence in the design of the Honda Shine 100, with a range of features aimed at ensuring rider confidence on the road. The bike is equipped with a combined braking system (CBS), which enhances braking stability in various conditions. Front and rear drum brakes offer reliable stopping power, while sturdy alloy wheels provide excellent stability and control, enhancing overall safety for riders.

Honda Shine Colours

The Honda Shine 100 offers riders a spectrum of five vibrant colour options, allowing them to infuse their personality into their ride. From the timeless sophistication of Black with Red Stripes to the sleek allure of Black with Blue Stripes, riders can choose a colour scheme that resonates with their individual style. For those seeking a touch of luxury, Black with Gold Stripes exudes elegance, while Black with Grey Stripes offers a modern and understated aesthetic. Meanwhile, Black with Green Stripes makes a bold statement, standing out with its vibrant hue. With this diverse range of colour choices, riders can truly personalise their Honda Shine 100 and make a distinctive impression on the road.

Honda Shine Mileage

One of the standout features of the Honda Shine 100 is its exceptional fuel efficiency, which helps riders save on costs in the long run. Powered by Honda’s eSP technology and BS6 engine, it delivers an impressive mileage of 65kmpl*, making it a practical choice for daily commuters. With its efficient design and advanced technology, the Honda Shine 100 ensures that riders can travel longer distances without worrying about frequent refueling stops.

Muthoot Capital’s Zero Down Payment Offer for Honda Shine

Muthoot Capital provides a fantastic opportunity for aspiring Honda Shine owners through its zero down payment offers, making the dream of owning this reliable and efficient motorcycle more accessible than ever. This attractive bike finance option allows buyers to take home the Honda Shine 100 without the immediate burden of a hefty initial payment. It simplifies the purchasing process and eases the financial strain on buyers, enabling them to enjoy the benefits of Honda’s engineering excellence without delay. The zero down payment scheme is particularly advantageous for daily commuters and young professionals looking for economical transportation solutions that do not compromise on quality or reliability.

Affordable Financing with Muthoot Capital’s Two-Wheeler Loan Offers

In addition to the zero down payment offers, Muthoot Capital offers some of the best two wheeler loan interest rates in the market, further enhancing the affordability of the Honda Shine 100. These competitive rates ensure that monthly instalments remain manageable, allowing riders to budget effectively for their new motorcycle. Muthoot Capital’s reputation for swift and transparent loan processing means that buyers can quickly secure the financing they need and hit the road with minimal hassle. Complemented by flexible repayment terms, these low-interest loans make it easier for a broader demographic to experience the exceptional fuel efficiency, comfort, and performance that the Honda Shine 100 has to offer.

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