Everything You Need to Know About Electric Cars

Last Modified: 28-May-2024

Electric cars, also known as electric vehicles (EVs), are becoming popular in India as a greener and better sustainable alternative to traditional diesel and petrol vehicles. They are powered by electricity stored in a battery and can be charged using various charging options like home and public charging stations. These battery cars in India offer a quiet and smooth driving experience. The need for electric vehicles is on the rise primarily because of their environmental benefits and energy efficiency. With technological advancements, electric cars now have shorter charging times and more extended driving ranges. Read on to know more about information and advantages of electric cars in India.

Understanding the specifications and characteristics of electric cars in India, besides the available incentives and charging options, can allow Indian consumers to make informed decisions when purchasing an electric vehicle or car. 

Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Car

  • Price: Electric cars are more expensive than petrol-powered cars, but their long-term operating costs are lower. Thus, ensure you can afford the upfront cost of an EV before making a purchase. 
  • Incentives: The government offers several incentives to promote the purchase of electric cars. These financial incentives can lower the overall cost of the EV.
  • Software Updates: Electric cars require software updates like your phone or computer. You must ensure that your EV is equipped with software that can be updated regularly. 
  • Specifications: You must consider the type of electric car, driving range, battery life, charging infrastructure, upkeep costs, and additional costs associated with owning an electric car.
  • Driving Range: Driving range refers to the distance an EV can travel on a single charge. Thus, consider your daily commute and how far you must travel before selecting an EV with a suitable driving range. 
  • Battery Life: The battery life of an electric motor car refers to the length of time the battery can be utilised before it needs to be replaced. You must consider the battery life and warranty on the battery before buying an electric car or EV. 
  • Charging Infrastructure: Check the availability of charging infrastructure in your neighbourhood, including public and home charging stations. 
  • Charging Options: Assess the charging options available for your electric car, including fast charging and level 2 charging. 
  • Maintenance Cost: EVs have lower maintenance costs compared to petrol-powered cars. However, check the cost of maintaining your EV and replacing the battery if required. 
  • Additional Costs: There can be additional costs associated with owning an EV, such as registration, and insurance. 

Specs to Consider While Buying an Electric Car

  • Type of Electric Vehicle: There are several kinds of electric cars to check out! These include all-electric, plug-in hybrid, and hybrid electric vehicles. Thus, consider your driving requirements before selecting an electric car. 
  • Driving Range: Assess the driving range of an electric car, which is the distance it can travel on a single charge. The driving range differs depending on the EV model. 
  • Type of Battery and Capacity: The type of battery and its capacity are essential factors to consider when buying an electric car. Lithium-ion batteries are typically used in EVs. They have a higher capacity compared to other types of batteries. 
  • Charging Specifications: Consider the charging specifications of your electric car, including the charging time and the charging port needed. 
  • Acceleration of EV: Small electric cars in India have instant torque, which delivers quick acceleration. Hence, consider the acceleration of the EV before making a purchase. 
  • Power and Torque: Electric cars have high power and torque, producing a smooth and efficient driving experience. 
  • Warranty on Battery: The warranty on the battery is an essential factor to evaluate when purchasing an electric car. The warranty period differs between manufacturers, ranging from 8 to 10 years. Therefore, ensure to check the warranty terms before making a purchase. 
  • Energy Consumption: It’s crucial to consider the car’s energy consumption as it will help you understand the cost of charging the vehicle and ensure that you make an informed decision. 

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