BS4 Vs. BS6 – What Is the Difference Between BSIV & BSVI Engines?

Last Modified: 2-June-2023

BS4 Vs. BS6 - What Is the Difference Between BSIV & BSVI Engines?

What is BS4 (BSIV)?

BS4 stands for Bharat Stage 4, as per the Central Pollution Control Board. In 2010, the board released BS3, which BS4 followed in 2017. The standard controls in this version were much stricter than the older norms. The BS4 rules cover all the standard protocols needed for the vehicle, such as engine emission, governing body and electronic control unit.

One of the most significant changes in the BS4 model was the implementation of AHO, which stands for Automatic Headlight On. This was popularly applied to the two-wheelers and contributed significantly towards the safety measures.

What is BS6 (BSVI)?

After the implementation of BS4 in 2017, the board skipped the BS5 version. The BS6 version is meant to regulate the pollution emitted by vehicles. As per this version, there have been set levels of emissions permitted in a vehicle. This has been categorised differently for each type of vehicle for more accuracy.

If your vehicle emits pollution beyond these levels, you need to get your vehicle checked immediately. If the problem persists, you should consider changing your vehicle, as you might face legal complications. As per the Union Ministry of India, this change shall reduce the pollution levels of vehicles by 80-90%.

As per the Government of India, a mandated protocol is issued, which goes by the name Bharat Stage. These protocols were introduced to check vehicles and monitor their emissions effectively. It was implemented to keep a check on air pollution levels.

While understanding the BS4 vs. BS6 difference, a significant comparison can be made based on the engine and the fuel emissions of the vehicles. After the BS4, the Bharat Stage 5 was omitted, and the BS6 was introduced directly into the market. Here are the major BS4 vs BS6 differences in the engine and fuel emission.

Fourth emission iteration Sixth emission iteration
Fuel can only be used in BS IV vehicles, and cannot be used in vehicles with BS VI engines. Fuel can be used in both BS IV and BS VI vehicles.
Not Applicable Introduction of Real Time Driving Emissions (RDE)
Not Mandatory Mandatory onboard diagnostics
Introduced in 2017 Introduced in 2020

Since there is a significant difference between BS4 and BS6 engine systems, one can also notice changes in emission and pollution control levels.

If you plan to switch to the BS6 engine model for your two-wheeler, check out the bike finance options.

Pollution Emission Norms (BS4 Vs. BS6):

After every few years, the board of Bharat Stage Emission Standards evaluates the existing version of norms that govern the aspects of a vehicle, such as their engine and fuel emission. Since these factors contribute significantly to the environment and ever-increasing pollution, certain steps are being taken to reduce these vehicles’ harmful emissions.

In 2017, as per the newer norms, the catalytic converter was added to the vehicles. This helped in reducing nitrogen-based emissions. In the next version, the BS6, carbon monoxide (CO) emissions from vehicles’ tailpipes were reduced as per this standard. So, vehicle owners must have a certificate from the pollution control unit to drive their vehicles. This certificate entitles vehicles to follow the BE6.

Fuel Type Pollutant Gases BS6 (BSVI) BS6 (BSIV)
Petroleum Distillate Vehicle Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Limit 60 mg 80 mg
Particulate Matter (PM) Limit 4.5 mg/km
Diesel Fuel Vehicle Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Limit 80 mg 250 mg
Particulate Matter (PM) Limit 4.5 mg/km 25 mg
HC + NOx 170 mg/km 300 mg


Now that you know the difference between BS4 and BS6 vehicles, itÔÇÖs time to upgrade to the latest BS version bike. The latest BS version vehicles greatly contribute to the environment as they help control pollution levels. However, upgrading or buying a new two-wheeler will also impact your budget. So, why not get
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