Bike vs Scooter: Which One to Choose?

Last Modified: 13-June-2022

Bike vs Scooter: Which One to Choose?

The journey from bicycles to cars for most people is a long one. A bike or scooter is an ideal companion for a long span. The convenience offered by two-wheelers is often unmatched. You don’t have to worry about traffic jams and fuel costs for long distances. It’s a highly affordable option to travel. ‘Bike or scooter, which is better?’ It’s a common question asked by most two-wheeler buyers who don’t have a specific vehicle in mind. The answer to this question is highly subjective and requires the evaluation of multiple factors that can influence the decision. The functionality is similar, but the look and feel can significantly differ between a bike and a scooter. Read on to learn more about this comparison.

A quick comparison

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Bike Vs Scooter – Comparison

Factors Better alternative
Versatility  Bike
Mileage Scooter
Speed Bike
Safety Scooter
Aesthetics Bike
Maintenance cost Scooter
  • Versatility

How do you intend to use the two-wheeler? It is an important question to ask to find a suitable option. If you plan to use it for short commutes within your city, a scooter is convenient. However, if you want to go on long road trips, you need to invest the money in a reliable bike. Handling a scooter is more effortless than manoeuvring a motorcycle. If you want a lightweight, handy automobile that can be easily operated, the scooter will be ideal. However, if you’re going to travel on challenging terrains, a bike is undoubtedly a better choice. Bikes are generally more versatile than scooters, given their superior engine capacity and gear technology.

  • Mileage

Mileage is an essential factor to consider before making a two-wheeler purchase. It is calculated as the number of KMs travelled by a vehicle per litre of fuel. Typically, scooters offer a higher mileage than bikes. However, it can vary greatly depending on the bike’s model and features. The mileage for scooters can vary from 50 KMPL to 80 KMPL. On the other hand, the mileage for bikes is typically between 20 to 50 KMPL. The engine’s capacity plays a crucial role in determining the mileage of any vehicle. It is inversely related to the engine’s capability. A scooter is ideal if you want a fuel-efficient vehicle that can save costs.

  • Speed

Bikes have a more powerful engine than scooters which helps them ride on any terrain. Naturally, bikes have a higher top speed than scooters. If you like the thrill of riding a speedy two-wheeler, you should invest in a motorcycle. However, scooters can do the job if you are satisfied with the average speed limit and don’t want to push it too much.

  • Safety

The common notion among most people regarding two-wheelers is that scooters are safer than bikes. However, it is highly contingent on the skills of the rider and the features available in a two-wheeler. For example, the ABS technology available in most bikes adds to their safety quotient. It is easier to stop the bike in less time with ABS than stopping a normal scooter. Many road accidents happen due to the carelessness of other riders. Having a reliable two-wheeler can stop mishaps to a great extent.

  • Aesthetics

When it comes to the look and feel factor, bikes tend to have the upper hand over scooters. Most youngsters prefer buying a bike because of how it looks rather than its features. The aesthetic appeal of the two-wheeler is an essential factor to be mindful of before making a purchase. The new-age scooters also have a high visual appeal, but it’s not at par with how sports bikes look.

  • Maintenance cost

The maintenance cost for a bike is higher than that of a scooter in most cases. However, the level of maintenance needed can vary based on the two-wheeler model. Scooters are pocket-friendly in this regard as it doesn’t require frequent maintenance.

Final words

This is a quick guide to help you compare the pros and cons of a bike vs. a scooter. You must be mindful of these crucial factors before making a purchase.
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