10 Reasons Why You Should Switch To An Electric Scooter

Last Modified: 4-October-2022

Switch to an electric scooter

Electric mobility is becoming a major trend, and electric scooters are increasingly common. They are often seen as an environmentally friendly and efficient way to get around without worrying about petrol prices. 

Electric scooters are slowly but surely taking over the streets of cities worldwide. They are user-friendly, green, and exciting to ride.

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Why to Switch to an Electric Scooter?

Some of the reasons to switch to an electric scooter are as follows:

1.  Save Money In The Long Run

Electric two-wheelers are cheaper than regular two-wheelers in the long run, though buying them could be expensive. Because electric two-wheelers don’t require maintenance, they save gas costs so that you can avoid repairs and maintenance fees.

These scooters are battery-powered, saving money while getting comparable mileage to their gasoline-powered counterparts. As a result, riders can accumulate a sizable sum of savings over time.

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2. Environmental Friendly

E-bikes do not emit any emissions and are eco-friendly. They do not produce any pollution whatsoever. Aside from saving money, switching to an e-bike could result in lesser carbon emissions in our environment. 

3. Low Maintenance Cost

The battery and a motor setup are all required to power an electric bike. Compared to a traditional bike, there are essentially no maintenance-related difficulties. Engine oil, chains, filters, etc., are nonexistent in this scenario. 

This reduces the maintenance cost and eliminates the need for recurring trips to the gas station. 

4. Quickly And Conveniently Rechargeable Batteries

The best part about riding electric scooters is that usually, batteries are powered by removable lithium-ion batteries that are quickly and conveniently charged.

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5. Less Noise

Most automobiles make a lot of noise and significantly increase the amount of noise pollution. However, one will be surprised that electric bikes and scooters produce hardly any noise.

6. Large Storage Space

Switching to an electric scooter makes sense, as these scooters have a lot of storage space than traditional bikes. Why? Because these scooters do not contain many mechanical components.

7. Lightweight

Since there are fewer parts in an electric vehicle, it is lighter in weight, making it easy to drive and causing less strain.

8. Latest Features

Today, almost all electric two-wheelers include features like riding modes, interactive screens that provide information, Bluetooth connectivity, and more. 

At this pricing point, no other bikes provide this level of functionality. These capabilities are helpful, especially when using maps while stuck in traffic.

9. Tax Benefits

Electric two-wheeler makers and potential buyers have something to celebrate thanks to the government’s announcements in the Union Budget 2019–20.

If the taxes are reduced on such vehicles, people will have to spend less to buy such vehicles. 

10. Fun Driving

Moreover, driving a two-wheeler is always fun; the same is for an electric scooter. 


There are pretty compelling reasons to go green, and now, even better – electric bikes! They are great for commuters who want a way to get around without using fossil fuels or contributing to climate change.

However, the main challenge for electric two-wheelers is the lack of infrastructure and charging stations. They also tend to be expensive due to their high prices compared to regular scooters. Nevertheless, they are growing in popularity.

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